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Research & Publications

Research Activities & Funding

  • CIHR Travel Award, Indigenous Gender and Wellness Learning Circle and Idea Fair, Montreal (Quebec), June 2019

  • Visiting Scholar, Central Queensland University (Australia) International Research Collaboration Award. I worked with the Centre for Indigenous Health Equity Research to support the launch of their new integrated primary health care project by leading youth engagement training and community engagement sessions in three Indigenous communities. I also presented at Central Queensland University and presenting a webinar for the Centre for Rural Health at the University of Sydney. (October 2019)

  • Healthy Populations Institute (Dalhousie University) student scholar

  • Invited reviewer:  Healthy Life, Healthy Living conference (2018); Health Expectations journal (2017-2018)

  • Featured speaker, Soapbox Science, Halifax, July 2019


  • Engaging youth in the planning, design, and execution of research about youth: A dissemination and connection project (2018-2019). SSHRC Partnership grant. Henderson J (NPI), Hawke LD, Iyer S, Barbic S, , Mathias S, Darnay K, Chaim G, Halsall T, Soklaridis S, Manion S, Mott B, Ungar M, Haltigan JD

  • Brown, M., Abbott, S., Jones, S., Lachance, L. (2016-2017). Development Work on Choral Singing as a Protective Factor in Youth Resilience. Dalhousie Faculty of Health Professions Faculty Development Fund, $5000

  • W2A Nunavut (2014-2015). SSHRC Connections grant. Ungar, M, Lachance, L.


  • Lachance, L. Canas, E., Halsall, T., & Ungar, M (2020), Strengthening Services for Youth Through Knowledge Mobilization, Evidence and Policy (submitted)

  • Halsall, T., Lachance, L., & Kristjansson, A. (2020). Examining the implementation of the Icelandic Model for Primary Prevention of Substance Use in a Rural Canadian Community: A study protocol. BMC Public Health (in press)

  • Chi-Kangata, S. & Lachance, L. (2020). Integrated Knowledge Mobilization in Nova Scotia, Canada. Z’flucht (in press).​

  • Hawke, L.D., Darnay, K., Khaleghi, M. Relihan, J., Barbic, S., Lachance, L., Ben-David, S., Brown, M., Iyer, S., Chaim, G., Soklaridis, S., Kidd, S., Halsall, T., Mathias, S., Henderson, J.(2020) Enhancing researcher capacity to engage youth in research: Researchers’ current experiences and capacity development priorities, Health Expectations 23 (2), 584-592

  • Lachance, L., Blais, D., Watson, C., Ungar, M, Healey, G., Sundar, P, Kelly, L. Lagace, M (2019). Strengthening Child and Youth Programs: A Look at Inter-organizational Mentoring Strategies. Program Planning and Evaluation, 76.

  • Canas, E., Lachance, L., Phipps, D., & Birchwood, C. C. (2019). What makes for effective, sustainable youth engagement in knowledge mobilization? A perspective for health services. Health Expectations, (May), 1–9.

  • Lachance, L., Canas, E. & Raimundo, A. (2017). Wisdom2Action Network Youth Advisory Council. (2017). Wisdom to Action: Mobilizing youths' lived-experience knowledge to inform mental health services. Abstract. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Volume 17.

Reports & Op-eds

  • Wolde, H., Ungar, M., Lachance, L., LeVert-Chiasson, I., & Zinck, E. (2014). Creating Supportive Environments for Children and Youth with Complex Needs. CYCC Network, Halifax, NS.

  • Private Sector Development and Children’s Rights: Challenges and Opportunities, CIDA, 2004

  • Children’s Contribution to Working and Caring for the Land: The links between agriculture and children’s rights, CIDA, 2004

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