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The Legislature sat from March 24-April 22. The NDP caucus had a very successful session. We introduced critical issues and built on the advocacy and success of communities to strengthen proposed legislation.


A day in the Legislature starts with the Daily Routine – this is when petitions and reports can be tabled, bills introduced, and important issues noted. 

Throughout the Spring 2022 session, I introduced three Private Member's Bills that I think are important pieces of public policy.

Bill 141: An Act to Establish an Advisory Committee Respecting Gender-affirming Health-care

This Bill calls upon the Government to establish a Committee that would make recommendations to all relevant Ministers for improving access to and coverage for gender-affirming health-care. 

Bill 170: An Act to Amend Chapter 4 of the Acts of 1995-96, the Community Colleges Act

Bill 172: An Act to Amend Chapter 4 of the Acts of 1994, the Credit Union Act




Each day, an MLA may be able to deliver up to two Member’s Statements. Over the four- week session, I introduced several Member’s Statements to celebrate people, organizations, and communities, and call attention to important issues. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing my member’s statements on social media and contacting people and organizations with printed copies of the Member’s Statement. 

Member's Statements

“Oral Questions to Members” AKA Question Period

This is the part of the day that most of us know as “Question Period” when opposition MLAs get to ask questions to members of the governing party. Below are some highlights of the 2022 Spring Session, and issues I had the opportunity to raise. 

Infilling in the Northwest Arm

On the last day of the 2021 Fall Session, I asked the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change how he is addressing the issue of Infilling in the Northwest Arm within his role. In response to my follow up question, the Premier indicated his opposition to the idea. There appears to be limited provincial jurisdiction on the issue, but I want to protect the Northwest Arm and will be reaching out to provincial and federal Ministers on the matter.


Several pieces of legislation were passed during the session. 

Bill 57: Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act

A major milestone this sitting was the introduction and passage of Bill 57 - Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act. MLA Hansen was victorious in bringing an amendment to Bill 57 that addresses environmental racism. It was one of two amendments out of 32 proposed on the bill--many directly proposed by environmental experts and NGOs--that were accepted and will be added to the new Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act. 

Bill 43: Motor Vehicles Act

Motor Vehicle Act to help improve road safety

Bill 63: Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality Act

Bill 62: Interim Residential Rental Increase Cap Act

Bill 61: Joint Regional Transportation Agency Act

  • amendments to the Cannabis Control Act to clarify the standard of reasonableness required to search a place or vehicle

  • amendments to the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act to support Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board operations

  • amendments to the Police Act to allow the Serious Incident Response Team to conduct investigations or provide oversight of policing in another province

  • new legislation called the Protecting Access to Health Services Act to protect patients, health-service providers and staff of healthcare facilities from protests by establishing a 50-metre bubble area

  • legislation under the Tourism Nova Scotia Dissolution Act to transition Tourism Nova Scotia from a Crown corporation to a division of the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage.

Looking Forward

The government has announced some of its legislative projects for next spring on issues that matter me and the residents of Halifax Citadel- Sable Island. I will be working with community members and reaching out to Ministers to discuss these matters:

  • Creation of a Children and Youth Commission that will protect and advance the rights, interests and viewpoints of children and youth - news release

  • Define and address racism - Global News piece

  • Enshrine Mi'kmaw as Nova Scotia's first language. - news release

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