• Social innovator, scholar, activist, parent advocate

  • Radical advocate for the health and wellbeing of children, youth, families, communities, and organizations

About Lisa

Lisa Lachance is President of Wisdom2Action Ltd (since April 2013) and is currently pursuing her PhD in Health from Dalhousie University. She is a recognized youth mental health youth engagement and knowledge translation expert, with a specific focus on participatory and transformative approaches.


Lisa started her career in the public sector, working at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) where she promoted children’s rights and participation worldwide. She also worked in the Privy Council Office on Indigenous issues. She returned to Halifax in 2008, as the inaugural Director of Policy for the Nova Scotia Department of Finance. She has consulted for Canadian, international, and United Nations organizations on children’s rights, youth engagement, gender equality, and evaluation projects. In 2018, Lisa led the transition of Wisdom2Action from a government supported network to a social entreprise.


Lisa is currently a Doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Faculty of Health at Dalhousie University. In her national work in youth mental health, Lisa became aware of the development of Integrated Youth Services models. Knowing from W2A work how critical community-based organizations are for supporting the mental health and well-being of young people, she was particularly intrigued at the emphasis on better integration with community-based youth programs and services. She started her Doctoral studies in 2017 to examine how the community-based sector can be better integrated into mental health treatment planning for youth and what systems and approaches are needed to support this. Her doctoral work is supported by the Government of Nova Scotia and Dalhousie University.


Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts (Advanced Major) in International Development Studies and a Masters in Public Administration, both from Dalhousie University. She has completed graduate-level studies in evaluation methods, and has completed professional development in evaluation methods and issues at the Canada School of Public Service and with EvalPartners/UNICEF.

Lisa and her partner Heather were one of Canada’s first same-sex couples married in 2003. They have two children (Jason,17 and Keira, 14). Lisa is a fierce parent advocate for inclusive education and access to youth mental health services, and she is a member of the FRAYME Family Advisory Council.

Lisa is bilingual and provides services in English and French.

Community Leadership & Advocacy

2017- 2020

Chair, Board of Directors,  Stepping Stone 


Secretary, National Alliance for Children and Youth                                           

2017- 2019

Board member, Canadian Coalition for the Rights of the Children


2012 – 2014

Board member, Heartwood Centre for Community Development

2009 – 2012

Board member, Bryony House Transition House, Halifax  

2009 –2018

Volunteer Advisor, Canadian Executive Services Overseas


2005 – 2006

Board member, Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre           


2005 – 2008

Volunteer, Minwaashin Lodge for Aboriginal Women

2004 – 2005

National President, Lambda Foundation for Excellence 

2003 – 2004

National Co-Chair, Canadians for Equal Marriage                


2002 – 2005

National President and Board member, Egale Canada          

Awards & Recognition 


Award for Excellence in French language services, Government of Nova Scotia    



President’s Award for Excellence, Canadian International Development Agency  



Community Human Rights Leader Award, Ottawa                                                         



Golden D, Dalhousie University                                                                        



Dalhousie Board of Governors Leadership Award